Kelvin Absolute Hero Ruler

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Wooden ruler, specially designed to mark the bicentenary of trailblazing scientist and inventor Lord Kelvin (1824-1907).

Part of a range commissioned by UofG Shop from Glasgow-based designer Hole in My Pocket. 

Lord Kelvin, Absolute Hero!

Kelvin matriculated as a student at the University of Glasgow at just ten years old. He went on to become Professor of Natural Philosophy and spent over 50 years teaching at the University, eventually serving as Chancellor. 

Kelvin's inventions included a sound machine and the Kelvin compass. He proposed the Kelvin scale of temperature, elaborating the concept of 'absolute zero'. Somehow he also found the time to help plan the first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable - paving the way for modern global communications. 

Materials: Bamboo

Dimensions: 16cm. Measures up to 15cm / 5 inches.