Ethical Statement

We believe that it’s important to keep University products and our supply chain as ethical and sustainable as possible. We aim to look at the full life-cycle of products wherever possible, considering the production and treatment of raw materials, the lives of the people who make the things that we sell, the treatment of any waste materials, the means of transportation and packaging and post-consumer re-use and disposal.


Clothing Suppliers


We only work with companies who have independently audited and certified standards of production. We favour a short supply chain to give us as much oversight of processes and direct accountability as possible. We prefer to work with suppliers who also supply other Universities and public bodies in the UK so that we can bring collective pressure to continue to improve environmental and social welfare standards.


Our Key Certifications


GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard

This is the worldwide benchmark for standards from field to factory to shop floor. It ensures strict standards are met in environmental impacts, worker welfare, pay & conditions, raw materials, garment production and packaging. It is backed by the most robust inspection and certification regime in the clothing industry. Our aim is for 85% of our clothing product lines to be GOTS certified within 5 years. We have switched 35% of our lines to GOTS certified organic cotton in the past year alone.

WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

WRAP is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. It focuses on the apparel industry, but the majority of its board members are required to come from outside the sector. Its 12 main principles ensure compliance with local & international law and workplace regulations, prohibition of forced, trafficked and child labour, prohibition of harassment, abuse or discrimination, guarantees around worker pay, benefits, working times and rights to association and collective bargaining, and issues around health & safety, environmental protections, security and customs compliance. WRAP has a robust, independent auditing process run by international teams of industry specialists.


Our Main Clothing Suppliers


Okko Collective

Based in Scotland, Okko Collective is helping us make the transition to more sustainable and ethical organic cotton clothing. Ranges developed with Okko Collective are GOTS-certified, the highest supply-chain standard in the textile industry, and the most rigorously independently monitored. We are proud to support this gold standard whenever we can. In addition their design and supply-chain expertise has created a value-engineered product providing truly exceptional quality and value to our customers. Our Classic Logo Tshirts, Stripe Sweatshirts and Circle Hoodies are created with Okko Collective. Okko Collective garments are shipped to us by sea, in recycled boxes with a single bio-plastic liner. Even the labels and tags are made from organic cotton!

Advance Apparel

A UK-based family-run company, Advance Apparel have their own factory in Pakistan and warehouse near London to ensure a very short, transparent supply chain. Their operations are WRAP certified and meet Sedex and ISO 9001 standards. In addition to their work with the University of Glasgow, Advance Apparel are the sole clothing licensor for Cambridge University and also work with retail operations at Oxford, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities. Advance Apparel make our Classic Logo, Softstyle and Navy Arch Hoodies as well as our Varsity Sweatshirts and UofG Zip Hoodies


A Canadian-based company and one of the world’s largest suppliers of clothing blanks with over 50,000 employees in 60 locations. We use their tshirts for short-run bespoke orders including Gaelic Logo Tshirts and event tshirts such as Student Ambassadors and Welcome Assistants. The garments are over-printed in Glasgow. The tshirts are made in WRAP certified factories and Gildan also have an extensive internal programme around social responsibility and sustainable fashion development. Our Classic Logo Tshirts were made by Gildan in the past but these have now been switched to GOTS-certified organic cotton garments.


Based in London, AWDis supply us with blank hoodies for events and promotions alongside our Arch Hoodies and Baseball Sweatshirts. Their products are made in WRAP certified facilities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. AWDis have previously made our Classic Logo Hoodies but these have now been passed to a Advance Apparel. We aim that they will be made from organic cotton from next year.



University Tartan products are made in Selkirk, Scotland by Lochcarron who weave the cloth onsite and turn it into products including scarves, hats, ties and kilts. We have two grades of cloth, mid-weight Reiver and heavier Breierach, alongside brushed lambswool for scarves and blankets. Lochcarron has a visitor centre and you can take a tour of the mill.

Transferring Stock


Green Move is a Glasgow removals and storage company offering environmentally focused home moves throughout Scotland and beyond. We use Greenmove to move any of our stock from various locations if necessary. They support the planting of native trees in the Scottish Highlands as part of an ongoing effort to offset some of our carbon emissions. They have a thriving grove of aspen at Trees for Life's flagship rewilding estate at Dundreggan, which they're continually adding to. 

If you have any further questions about the manufacturing of any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.