6oz Porthole Flask

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Ahoy there! This beautifully made porthole hip flask is engraved with the University crest and is perfect for sharing a dram on a special occasion. Comes with a gift box and bag. 

The porthole design nods to Glasgow's ship-building past, many echoes of which can be found on campus today. At the foot of University Avenue sits the Pearce Lodge, built in the 1880s to house the University's fledgling department of Naval Architecture. It was named for shipbuilding magnate William Pearce, who funded the building's construction. Pearce's support also allowed the salvaging and incorporation into the building of the 17th-century main gateway and other parts of the stonework from the Old College on the High Street. 

Materials: Pewter and glass
Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 cm diameter; 6oz capacity