4 inch Quaich

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A traditional Scottish quaich or two-handled drinking cup, made of pewter and engraved with the University crest. Space on the bottom or sides available for further personalisation by your local engraver. 

The word 'quaich' derives from the Scottish Gaelic 'cuach', meaning a cup. They are often used at weddings and other ceremonial occasions in Scotland, where they may signify love, friendship or co-operation. This tradition dates back at least to King James VI, who gave a 'loving cup' to Anne of Denmark in 1589. They are also given as awards and prizes, or to recognise significant events and achievements such as graduations.

Beyond Scotland they have become better-known since the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, where medal-winners were also presented with a wooden quaich.

Materials: Pewter
Dimensions: Bowl 12cm, including handles 18cm, height 5.5cm