White Rose and Red Mounted Print

£ 9.99

A mounted print featuring The White Rose and the Red Rose gesso panel by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh which is displayed in the Mackintosh House.

Mount measures 31cm high x 41cm long and is designed to fit a standard IKEA frame. Print is 20.5 x 21.

This gesso panel formed part of an exhibition setting 'The Rose Boudoir' which the Mackintoshes exhibited at a major international exhibition in Turin in 1902. The panel is one of the finest surviving examples of Macdonald's work in gesso. The symbolic meaning of the subject is not clear, but the rose is generally accepted as a symbol of love and art in the Mackintoshes' work. Margaret Macdonald was one of the most outstanding women artists in Glasgow and arguably in the UK at the turn of the last century.

Printed in Scotland.

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