University Cochno Farm Wool - Natural

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This yarn is produced from the fleeces of sheep at the University of Glasgow Cochno Farm.

It is a high-qualty, single-origin, double-knit, worsted spun yarn from the Scotch Mule sheep who enjoy the south facing grazing at the Cochno Farm ad Research Centre, located 6 miles from Glasgow. The farm is key to the University's School of Veterinary Medicine teaching programme. The fleeces were cleaned, carded, spun ad dyed by the Natural Fibre Company. Each ball weighs 50g and is approx 100m in length.

The Name
From the Gaelic word 'cuachan' or 'little cup' Cochno means 'Place of Little Cups'. This refers to the 5000-year-old Cochno stone located next to the farm and featured on the band around the wool. University Archaeologist Kenny Brophy carried out research on the stone and describes it as 'one of the most important Neolithic art panels in Europe.'

The Project
The Cochno Wool Project emerged from research carried out in the School of Humanities by historians Lynn Abrams and Marina Moskowitz. Their work investigates the economies ad cultures of Scottish knitted textiles through collaborations with heritage organisations, knitwear designers, artists and knitters. The research focuses on sustainability, authenticity and creativity and aims to contribute a body of knowledge of the history of the knitting economy to be utilised by designers and makers today.

The project acknowledges the support of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow Chancellor's Fund.