Uni Wax Food Wrap - Large

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Keep it fresh with a reusable Waxyz wrap - better for the planet and your packed lunch! As well as wrapping sandwiches or snacks for busy days on the go, these bright wraps can be used to cover and store food at home. They're odour neutral, plastic free and vegan friendly.  Choose between 2 different colours below.

Waxyz wraps are designed and made in Scotland by BPlasticfree. Founded in Crail in 2018, Bplasticfree aims to help fight plastic pollution through affordable reusable alternatives. Each Waxyz wrap uses organic cotton printed in Yorkshire. The waxing process is carried out by world specialists Halley Stevensons of Dundee. 

Size: 32cm x 32cm
Materials: 100% organic cotton coated with food-friendly wax
Care instructions: Hand wash after each use with mild washing up liquid and lukewarm water. Rinse under cold tap and leave to dry naturally. Reuse with love