Uni Crest Decoration

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Embroidered felt decoration featuring the University of Glasgow Crest.

These decorations are handmade in Thailand and India and are supplied by St Nicholas, a company specialising in bespoke decorations. St Nicholas help to support women in rural areas to find work, according to Fair Trade principles. They are a member of the British Association of Fair Trade Suppliers. 

Please note that due to the individual nature of these items they may differ slightly to the images shown.


About our Crest

The University crest depicts the legend of St. Mungo, with the addition of the Book of Learning and the University Mace.

The mace represents the University, its internal authority over its members, and its independence from external control. The real mace was made in 1465 using solid silver, with decorative gold and enamel work. It is still used today in ceremonial events and processions. Traditionally, the mace is carried by the member of staff known as the Bedellus (who is a trained expert in not dropping it).  

St Mungo (528-617) was the son of the 5th-century Scottish princess St Enoch. In the early 6th century he founded a church on the banks of the river Clyde - the beginnings of the modern city of Glasgow. St Mungo is said to have performed four miraculous deeds during his lifetime. These are represented in our crest by the figures of the bird, the tree, the bell and the fish. You can spot each of these symbols in the city's coat of arms as well. They even have their own rhyme: 

Here is the bird that never flew
Here is the tree that never grew
Here is the bell that never rang
Here is the fish that never swam


Dimensions: 8.5 x 10cm