• Mary Queen of Scots and All That

Mary Queen of Scots and All That

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Mary, Queen of Scots and All That is packed with historical facts about Scotland's headless heroine. Follow hot-blooded Mary's lifelong rivalry with her frosty cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England - and discover why the Queen of Scots gets her head chopped off. Start at the beginning by finding out how well Mary gets on with her pushy Mum, her ladies-in-waiting and her first boyfriend. Work out why she is hated by Nasty Knox the preacher and his Edinburgh mob. Meet Mary's horrible husbands and understand what makes her marry them. Solve the mysterious murders of her nearest and dearest. Learn the truth about Mary's madness. Uncover the secret plots that earn the Queen of Scots a deadly date with her cousin's executioner - and decide for yourself whether Mary is guilty or innocent.

Author: Allan Burnett Illustrator: Scoular Anderson

Publisher: Birlinn General
ISBN: 9781780273884
Number of pages: 112
Dimensions: 195 x 130 x 10 mm