• Amazing Life of Mary Queen of Scots

Amazing Life of Mary Queen of Scots

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She was Queen of Scotland and of France, and a possible Queen of England; she was involved in a series of mysterious deaths; in the end she lost her head... But what was life really like for Mary, Queen of Scots?

Put on your ruff and step into the sixteenth century for a unique glimpse into the dramatic life of the infamous queen. Mary's story is told from the perspective of her young servant Alec. Each easy-to-read chapter mixes the involving story of the queen's life with timelines, charts and revealing illustrations to create a Fact-tastic account that is both educational and emotionally engaging for younger readers.

Take a journey through time and find out:

  • Why did Mary become Queen of Scots when she was just six days old?
  • What exotic animals lived with the young queen?
  • How did Mary escape from Lochleven Castle?
  • Why did Mary's cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, arrange her beheading?

The Amazing Life of Mary, Queen of Scots continues the brilliant Fact-tastic series, which blends intriguing facts and fascinating fiction to bring the most exciting, gruesome and crucial moments of Scottish history alive for young readers.

 Author: Gill Arbuthnott Illustrator: Mike Phelps Publisher: Kelpies
ISBN: 978-1782506843
Number of pages: 117
Reading age: 7-11 years