Glasgow Map Umbrella

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The Glasgow Map range is based on David Smith's 1828 'Plan of the City of Glasgow and its Environs with all the Latest Improvements'. This map is part of the University Library's map collection, which is available for consultation by the general public. Smith's plan shows a dynamic city bursting through the edges of the map and featuring new roads, canals and bridges.

This range is exclusively available from the University of Glasgow and is as popular with Glaswegians as it is with visitors. The products are beautifully made from quality materials and make ideal gifts.

A robust automatic folding umbrella which reproduces the map larger than life size, with streets and areas clearly marked. With the original colouring this umbrella will brighten many a dull day!

Measures 28cm long x 6 cm wide when folded.
Diameter of 100cm when open with 53cm long handle.