Going Live!

Posted: Mar 27 2015

Welcome to our new online shop. We hope that you like it! We've tried to make it as clean as possible in order to showcase the range of clothing, books and gifts available. Sadly, we can't make everything in the shop available online (we're only a small team!) but we'll try and get more of our core ranges uploaded in the next few months along with new clothing lines and gifts as they arrive each season.

If you're graduating this year, or if you belong to our alumni then it's worth taking a look at our collections. These showcase the bestselling products to other people with similar backgrounds, and we hope that they'll help you to discover tempting gifts that you didn't even know you wanted!

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To get an inside look at new products in the design process, fresh out of the box, or making their way into new displays in our shops please follow us on Instagram. It's also worth signing up to our mailing list when you check out. That way you'll be sent a few targeted offers each year giving you great discounts on products and shipping.

We're proud to donate all of the shop profit to the University using Gift Aid, meaning that every purchase from our online shop helps to benefit your University and keep Glasgow truly world changing.

We hope you enjoy the new shop and welcome feedback via our contact form.